Eye Candy

Perched on the edge I sit wondering,


How long will it take

For you to get under my skin again

How long will you chew until I lose my flavour?

How deep will you gnaw?

So far under that, I disintegrate

That I can no longer see what I saw

Or that I no longer know how to?

...oh go on then

Just cram me into this plastic wrapper so that I look more appetising,

So your mouth waters,

So I can be enticing or indulgent

I may not appear like the me you first met

But I least I satisfy your cravings

Your vision of me is more valued than mine

I believe,

Sweet, colourful, exotic

So I’ll change until I get it right,

Until I can conceive

What beauty is for you and not what it should be

And once you impart

Your superior values into my fragile, absorbent mind

You depart

With the dew of my crystallised kiss on your cheek

You leave me confused, befuddled and weak

Like a strawberry lace

Limp and misguided

In need of a fresh start

Yet somehow you remain ever-present so I don’t stray

Admiring the ideal sculpture you have moulded,

But that you would never display in the foyer

To greet you home at the end of the day

Just an airy smile from across the way

That’s still susceptible to your old tricks,

Who for you is still willing to stand there to sweeten the view

Just eye candy

Hoping futilely you’ll be back for another fix



In the frost of winter comes as a fiend

And in the warmth of summer, a lover

But on that evening in June,

Came to me as a nocturne

A certain absence intertwined with the assiduous distance

Had soon been alleviated

By the glistening pulses

Beating amid the back hollows above

No longer was longing present,

But replaced by the familiar little laugh

Upon which my soul used to ride

Though the sun had closed its eyes on us

Mine had finally opened to who you really are

And there, in the distance behind you

opened the rosy, vanilla sky of a new dawn


Their mysteries lurk in the mangroves,

Appear distorted beneath the lagoon,

The friction between them that generates heat,

Is enough to ignite a typhoon

One stream flows and curves to the left

Then trails around to the right,

While the other saunters, leaps, crashes, jumps

Keeping its meanders ever so slight

Ripples underlap, dip and overtake

So complex like a river delta,

Two streams slithering down to an estuary

Both damp, in search of shelter

So far apart do they seem at first

Taking turns to swoosh, splash and listen,

Until they unite and meld the surface

Off of which the sunlight can begin to glisten

Let our streams coalesce to make one flowing river

That rushes down into the sea,

Drift them away from the shore, intertwined

Both floating together

Both free


A cacophony of cold comments,

Harsh, sharp and discordant

Render me compact, tense

Unstretched, cramped

Awake but dormant.

The silence is debilitating.

Inaudible value remains unheard

Once more I start hating

My thoughts, those that go unrecognised

As if I've not said a word


Gradual tranquillity.

From your aural anaesthesia

That gives me purpose and the ability

To release and relieve

My fragility

Your buzzing liquid honey

That melts into my ears

And through my heart

Cutting out stinging, jagged comments

like 'you fake, you phony!'

that reignite my fears

And make me restart

Emerging from shadows, coming out from hiding,

Lured by your breath, your kiss

Your moan

As I try, futilely, to control my writhing

That you bring from the other side of the phone

'You funny..' you smirk

I endeavour to spark your smile,

To make you laugh,

To re-find you in the supermarket

And smooch you in every aisle

Your self-expression, panting, your exhales

Build me up, pin me down, make me squeal

and wail ...

Let our decibels roar

From pure pleasure,

Questioning together, 'how can we fail

When we always give each other more?'

For our voices work as melody and harmony

Like the cadence of trickling lavender oil

And grace notes of chamomile, blended

Sedating our temperatures when they start to boil

Listening in close, soothing qualms, disputes amended

A phonoaesthetic silence as I gaze at my star,

My galaxy

Shining back so beautifully,

He relaxes me

Sighing and humming from tantalising pleasure

Alone together

Floating silently